De zachtheid van het zijn

Sometimes it takes



Security to give birth to ideas.

Often we need security,

something that reassures us,

against the alleged case –

But we cannot fall.

We stay who we are.

All the rising,

All the defeating

All the losing

any ascent or descent


on the illusion of history,

that we identify with,

that we call our ego.

With the illusion of the ego,

with the belief in an illusion,

one had something to lose.

But there is nothing

to be afraid of,

if we do

what we love,

still we can hope,

to find acceptance or

to fundamentally change our being.

The moment alone,

The joy of the game alone,

Just the fun in the present,

the pure form of being,

is crucial.

And the moment,

is the only thing,

that should guide our actions –

Because the moment is eternal.

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